In fact, these cnc machined parts are used on skate scooters, kids scooters, snowmobile-snow scooters, electric scooter so we classify them "scooter parts"


Products of motocycle custom parts such as: scooter pegs,  scooter clamps, scooter core wheels, scooter forks etc.


Products shown on the website are OEM/ODM produced, DON'T SELL THEM TO OTHER CUSTOMERS!

Welcome any inquiries about CNC machined parts/CNC custom Parts/ CNC machining parts/CNC precision Parts/machining Parts/CNC machining/Metal machining parts.


Lines includes Custom designed parts of various metal materials for  automobile, motorcycle, photonics, bycylce, semiconductor and sports industries, trik biks, electronics, telecommunication, microphone and among others.


Machining range up to: 1000x600x600mm

Max. Diameter: 600mm

Precision: +-0.01mm

Grinding: +-0.001mm

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